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Huawei launches a female developer program to encourage more women to join tech

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Huawei has officially released the “Women Developer Program” to the world. The plan is dedicated to empowering female developers to create world-changing applications and tools, providing opportunities and platforms for female developers. The program is open to female developers around the world through the official website of the Huawei Developers.

Huawei’s senior vice president Chen Lifang said: “We believe that women can certainly lead technological innovation. We hope that through the Huawei Women’s Developer Program, more women can use their talents and unique values, demonstrate their leadership and help our world change. It’s better.”

Huawei will also create an exclusive community for female developers on the developer alliance platform and organize a series of online and offline activities.

The Huawei Star Program will also set up exclusive incentives for female developers to support and encourage female developers to innovate and start their own businesses.


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