Huawei registered trademark for NM Plus

Huawei on January 15, 2020, filed a new trademark application for NM Plus in China. This application registered as a number 43836750 and it categorized with 9 types of scientific instruments.

Huawei already holds another trademark for Nano Memory which is said to be used for expandable storage and it is similar to microSD but it is about 45% smaller in size. This new NM Plus trademark expected to be an upgraded version of Huawei’s NM micro memory card and could go for production to provide high transmission speed and offer large storage.

It can be assumed, however, is the capacity of this new model, given that the previous one was from 256 GB, with a speed of 90 MB/s. So it is easy to realize that it can have at least double the storage, but also double the speed, if not triple considering how fast are, for example, the memory of Mate 40 Pro.

The NM memory cards are the same size as the Nano-SIM card tray so, they don’t need a separate tray in smartphones. Users can use either two Nano-SIM on their Huawei device or one Nano-SIM and one Nano Memory card.

NM Plus trademark

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