6 Huawei smart glasses frame leaked

Huawei is set to hold a new event on December 23 and said to launch “Huawei’s smart glasses”, the use of interchangeable frame design, equipped with HarmonyOS. Now Weibo tipster has leaked 6 frames of the smart glasses, which can be combined with the temples.

Huawei has released two generations of smart glasses, but they are all in cooperation with the glasses brand Gentle Monster. Huawei named the new product “Huawei Smart Glasses”, and there is no glasses brand logo, and it may be a brand new product series.

Huawei has released a warm-up video of wearing “Huawei Smart Glasses”. In collaboration with singer and actor Chen Xiaochun, it appears to be wearing the “Pilot Full Frame Optical” version, which supports voice broadcast content.

6 Huawei smart glasses frame exposure leak - Copy (2)


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