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6G Network: Huawei to collaborate with Australia and may become leader in this technology

6G Network

Huawei is looking to discuss with an Australian government to start and collaborate on 6G R&D and avoid any misunderstanding between the two parties. Back in 2018, Huawei was banned from supplying 5G core and RAN equipment in Australia for this Huawei is looking for a way back through 6G.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Huawei wants to start discussions with the Australian government about how best to collaborate on 6G R&D and avoid a repeat of the 5G ban.

Jeremy Mitchell, Huawei’s director of corporate affairs in Australia, bullishly implied it was in the best interests of the government to play ball.

“The conversation we now want to have with the Australian government is what do we do when 6G or 7G [Ed note: Uh?] comes, because like it or not Huawei or another Chinese company will be the leader in this area.”

Mitchell said the aim was to ensure that Australia had access to the “best technology” and to give “security agencies confidence in terms of risk mitigation.”

“6G is just at the very beginning of research development but it’s important to get in now to understand where this technology is going,” he added.

To recall, back in 2019, Huawei Consumer Business CEO, Richard Yu said that Huawei has started R&D on 6G and its data transmission speed is expected to reach up to 100 times more than the 5G network.


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