ACA 2022: Huawei Mobile VPN Solution Won the Digital Transformation Project

During the Asia Communication Awards (ACA) 2022 which was held online by Total Telecom, a world-renowned international telecommunications media company. Huawei’s Mobile VPN Won the Digital Transformation Project award for its contribution to the digitalization of different industries.

Mobile VPN outperforms conventional VPN solutions as follows:

Superior experience: The downlink network rate is tenfold higher as packets are directly transmitted on the operators’ intranets, instead of being detoured through the Internet.

Easy connection: Traffic destined for the private and public networks is authenticated and steered at the operators’ core networks. In this way, tedious manual authentication is no longer needed and users can seamlessly switch between the private and public networks.

High reliability: Data is transmitted on the operators’ intranets, reducing data exposure risks. In addition, carrier-class E2E authentication is more secure and reliable.

Easy O&M: Exploiting operators’ 4G and 5G networks, no separate VPN networks are established in campuses. Enterprises can quickly put private networks into use and improve O&M efficiency.

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