Africa Mobile Broadband Summit 2023: Huawei will increase investment in developing innovative solutions

Huawei and GSMA Intelligence together held the Africa Mobile Broadband Summit 2023 in Dubai. During this event African telecom regulators, industry organizations, carriers, think tanks, and industry partners discussed a wide range of topics, including expanding mobile coverage, increasing 4G uptake, and managing the region’s evolution towards 5G.

Africa Mobile Broadband Summit 2023: Huawei’s statement

Li Peng, Huawei’s Corporate Senior Vice President and President of the company’s Carrier BG said at the summit, “As the continent with the youngest population in the world, Africa is full of digital potential. Huawei is in Africa, for Africa. Together with regional carriers and industry partners, we will increase investment in developing innovative solutions to connect the unconnected, help bridge the digital divide, and accelerate the mobile broadband industry in Africa. By doing so, we’ll all be able to better seize the opportunities of digitalization.”

He said that the quality mobile broadband networks are the cornerstone of digital infrastructure, and they need to keep evolving to facilitate Africa’s digital transformation process. “As for how this evolution takes place,” he said, “we believe that Africa can benefit from coordinated development of 4G and 5G.” Li also touched on sustainability, particularly as it applies to growing energy consumption: “Network energy efficiency is critical as Africa takes a more sustainable path forward. Together with customers and partners, we are innovating nonstop to improve energy efficiency and drive green development with greener ICT.”

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