BAIC and Huawei cooperate to develop new cars

Huawei is on track and working with automobile companies to bring several cars with its latest technologies. One is the Huawei Inside the model which represents products such as the Alpha S HI version and Avita 11. The product is the AITO Wenjie series.

Jihu Alpha S became famous in the road test in early 2021, but it was delayed for more than a year before it was officially delivered to users due to multiple delays in delivery. And the sales volume is really miserable. In September this year, only 669 units of the Alpha S (including the HI version) were sold, and a good hand was poorly played.

The Avita 11 jointly built with Changan and Ningde Times has not yet been delivered, but the order volume is not optimistic.

On the other hand, Huawei’s smart selection model, which Yu Chengdong is in charge of, can be said to shine this year. AITO has launched three new models of Wenjie M5, M7 and M5 EV in one year, and due to the support of Huawei’s sales channels, sales have increased month by month . In January, its cumulative sales reached 57,000 units .

It is reported that the new car is based on the Jihu platform, but the Jihu brand will no longer be used.

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