Based on OpenHarmony2.0 IoT operating system 1.0 released

According to the latest information, on October 14, at the conference, Midea’s IoT vice president and CTO released Midea’s IoT operating system 1.0 to Jiang Xu. The system was launched in cooperation with the Open Atom Open Source Foundation and has a cross-platform system.  Distributed and open characteristics. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first Internet of Things system based on OpenHarmony 2.0 besides Huawei.

Xiang Jiangxu said that the launch of Midea’s Internet of Things operating system is to provide users with a unified plug-and-play platform without requiring an App for every household appliance.

It is reported that as of the end of December last year, Midea has provided users with more value-added services and cross-scenario experiences through ecological cooperation. Midea home appliances equipped with the Hongmeng system have been launched in 7 categories and 12 products.

At the conference, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer business AI and smart full-scenario business department, said that the interconnected life of all things requires a unified language for devices to communicate with each other.

Meanwhile, Midea IoT and Huawei HarmonyOS will create an IoT operating system together. In the future, home appliances will be able to achieve higher-level and more complex intelligent interactive functions. We look forward to the innovative experience that Hongmeng Zhilian and Midea will bring to consumers.

In February of this year, Midea and Huawei made new moves in the smart home industry: the two parties will achieve large-scale cooperation in 2021, and carry out more joint cooperation from the perspective of operation and marketing.

OpenHarmony 2.0

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