Check the first HarmonyOS powered Smart door lock

Huawei is continuously moving in the future technology. At the Huawei Whole House Smart and Full Scene New Product Spring Conference 2022 in China released its first smart door lock product, which uses the HarmonyOS system.

Huawei smart door lock adopts an integrated symmetrical design, the top camera position is a starring shape, and it also has an unlocking light effect.

Supports nine unlocking methods, including face recognition, fingerprint, mobile phone, watch, NFC card, password, temporary password, key, etc.

Among them, face unlock uses Huawei’s patented AI 3D face recognition algorithm, which is the same as Huawei’s mobile phone. It has a built-in 3D deep-sensing camera, which is adaptive to the dark light, backlight, and strong light, and can be recognized by makeup, hats, and glasses. 0-45 degree side face can be recognized, the false recognition rate is less than one in a million, and the fastest unlocking speed is less than 2 seconds.

AI fingerprint unlocking, the recognition speed is as low as 0.5 seconds, the recognition rate of the elderly and children is increased by 45%, and the recognition rate of wet fingers is increased by 60%.

Meanwhile, in addition to the built-in 3.97-inch high-definition color screen, it can also be used for remote intercom, viewing, and picture-in-picture viewing on the smart screen.

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You can also part-time visual cat’s eye, 1080p high-definition picture quality, 150-degree super wide-angle, Wi-Fi direct connection, AI monitoring, support for abnormal intelligent snapshots, and provide 7 days of free cloud storage.

In terms of security, it supports HarmonyOS financial-grade security technology, including security microkernel (CC EAL5+ authentication/face fingerprint local storage), security chip (EAL5+ authentication/NFC password local storage), secure transmission (encrypted channel), security authentication (domestic storage) The first CCRC enhancement stage).

The built-in lithium battery has a capacity of up to 8800mAh, which can last for 4-6 months intelligently and can also choose dual batteries, which can last for 8-10 months, and supports 20%, 10%, 5% battery level reminders.

In terms of quality, it has undergone 300,000 fingerprint head click durability tests, 150,000 door opening and closing tests, 1200 door opening and closing impact tests, 2000V/m anti-small black-box test, 48 knight fingerprint head sweat resistance test.

In terms of service, it supports door-to-door installation nationwide, free first-time installation, professional engineers, 3-year maintenance, and a 24×7 customer service support.

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first HarmonyOS Smart door lock

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