Counterpoint July report 2021: Huawei and vivo tied for second place in China’s high-end phones with 600-799 dollars

According to Counterpoint’s July 2021 report, vivo continued to lead the domestic smartphone market, occupying 24% of the market share. Following closely behind are OPPO and Xiaomi. Among them, Honor has also made considerable progress, ranking fourth in China, with a market share of 13%, which is one percentage point more than Apple (Apple 12%).

In the specific price segment of the market, the ranking of each mobile phone brand:

  • Apple – first place in the $600-799 price segment, and the price segment above $800
  • In the $600-799 price segment, Huawei and vivo are tied for second;
  • In the $300- 599 price range, the first is vivo and second is OPPO
  • In the 200-299 US dollars price range, the first is vivo, the second is OPPO
  • In the 100-199 US dollars price range, the first is OPPO, the second is Honor.

Counterpoint July report 2021 domestic

It is not difficult to see that the high-end market is still Apple’s world, but the vivo in domestic mobile phones has slowly stepped up. In addition to the mid-range market, it has been ranked first in the country, and its high-end share has been equal to Huawei.

Meanwhile, Counterpoint Research on August 26, 2021, released a report, announcing the market share of smartphone processors in the second quarter of 2021, with MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Apple among the top three. Meanwhile, Huawei ranked 6th on the list.


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