DriveONE: Huawei to cooperate with the world’s first electric vehicle with a range of more than 1000 km

Seres (electric brand) held an electric vehicle launch conference on January 26. At the event, the world’s first mass-produced extended-range electric vehicle with a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers was officially launched. The new car is equipped with the newly developed intelligent extended-range system by Seres. This is also the first model equipped with Huawei’s Drive ONE three-in-one electric drive system.

As per the pricing information, this new Seres SF5 Free Expedition Edition is priced at 259,800 yuan. It has a battery life of more than 1000km and comes in three interior colors: night black, agate brown and bird feather red. It is equipped with a 255KW high-performance SEP200 motor independently developed by Seres and Huawei DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system consists of a dual-motor system.

Seres SF5 Free Expedition Edition

Huawei believes DriveONE is a good one-stop solution that only simplifies the development of electric vehicles, but also makes them cheaper. Huawei DriveONE is Huawei’s first electric drive system, including MCU, motor, reducer, DCDC (direct current converter), OBC (car charger), PDU (power distribution unit), BCU (battery control unit) ) Seven major components. As per the specifications concern, the length, width and height of the Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition are 4700/1930/1625mm, and the wheelbase can reach 2875mm.


Seres SF5 Free Expedition Edition is a new model of the car series, equipped with multiple high-precision millimeter-wave radars and high-sensitivity Perception hardware such as camera supports L2+ level autopilot functions.

The vehicle’s power system has a 35% reduction in fuel consumption compared to similar-level gasoline vehicles, and a 30% reduction in comparison with similar-level plug-in hybrid models, thus achieving a comprehensive operating range of 1000 km+. The power and torque reach 405kW and 820N·m, and the acceleration from 100 km/h is within 4 seconds.

Seres SF5


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