Elden Ring: How to reset attributes

In this tutorial, we will check how to reset the attributes in the Elden Ring game. To reset the attributes in Elden Ring you will have to interact with a specific NPC, which you will only be able to meet after reaching the region that is north of the Tomb, Liurnia .

You will arrive in this area by progressing in the main quest of the game, after completing the Legacy Dungeon of Storm Storm Castle. In reality it is not a necessary requirement to access Liurna, but we advise you to do so. Mind you, this is a much more dangerous area than Sepulcride and we suggest you visit it after at least twenty hours of play and with a level 50 or higher character.

What you need to do now is explore the Raya Lucaria Academy , which is the second Elden Ring Legacy Dungeon. This is the large building located in the central area of ​​the Liurnia region, impossible to miss.

The entrance to this area is blocked by a spell, to break it you will need to retrieve the Stonebreaker Key . In the south entrance you will find a corpse with a map indicating a small islet west of the Academy. Here you will find the key, defended by a rather tough dragon.

Elden Ring Game
Elden Ring Game

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