EMUI version rolling out to Huawei P30

Huawei has started rolling out a new update for the Huawei P30 smartphone users. The update is based on EMUI 10.1 and brings the latest version EMUI with smart split-screen (Supports more third-party applications) to improve user experience. The update size is huge, make sure your smartphone is connected with a proper internet connection.

Note: Version is a special verification version of the smart split-screen function, and only supports the upgrade of 2000 users who have been selected for the P30 internal test registration. The remaining users can directly upgrade the new version of EMUI 10.1.

The new version of P30 Pro EMUI 10.1 is already under test, please be patient. Release date subsequent updates please pay attention to this announcement

Huawei P30 EMUI Changelog:

Version Update: →
Model: ELE-TL00 & ELE-AL00

[Smart Split Screen]

Added support for more third-party applications to improve user experience.


Split-screen mode can help you multitask by separating your screen into two panes, allowing you to display and operate two different apps simultaneously.

Huawei P30 EMUI

Huawei P30 EMUI update


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