EMUI 13 Makes its Debut in Asia: Exciting Features and Enhancements

The good news for all Asian Huawei users is here. The long-awaited distribution of EMUI 13, based on HarmonyOS 3.0, has officially begun. This update is now available for the Mate 40 Pro, P50, P50 Pro, P50 Pocket, and Mate Xs 2 devices. The update is rolling out with the firmware version and the size is 5.45GB.

EMUI 13 brings a range of exciting features and enhancements to Huawei devices. This update promises improved performance, smoother multitasking capabilities, intuitive user interfaces, and enhanced privacy and security measures. Huawei aims to set a new standard for software capabilities with EMUI 13.

As Huawei begins the distribution of EMUI 13 in Asia, users can experience an enhanced mobile experience that leverages the power of HarmonyOS 3.0. Below you can check the complete changelog.

Huawei EMUI 13 Changelog

EMUI 13 introduces a host of new features and improvements to enhance your user experience. For example, it lets you swipe up on app icons to open service widgets and customize your home screen by stacking or grouping widgets together.

[Useful service widgets]

Swiping up an app icon with the bottom widget bar creates a service widget that can be resized, dragged to a new location, or added to your custom home screen.

Widget stacks: Drag widgets of the same size on top of each other to create a stack. Swipe up or down to switch between widgets. Swipe down further to expand the stack and swipe left on a widget to remove it. Hold and drag a widget or drag it to the home screen to adjust its position in the stack.
Widget combinations: Drag together widgets of different sizes and app shortcuts to group them into a combination. You can adjust the combo size.

[Resizable smart folders]

Touch and hold a folder to adjust its size based on the number of apps in it so it can fit in any available home screen area.

[Super Device]
Supports connecting and interacting with more types of devices via Super Device without having to log in to the same HUAWEI ID.


Adds the SuperHub feature that lets you share multiple content formats between apps and devices simultaneously by dragging text, images, and files onto the SuperHub.

[Privacy center]
Lets you monitor which permissions are used by which apps from the new privacy dashboard and provides useful tips to protect your privacy.

[Security center]
Easily check the security status of this device and other devices signed in with the same HUAWEI ID and get suggestions on how to improve the security of your device.

[Hearing aids]
It allows you to more easily connect to nearby hearing aids via Bluetooth.

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