EMUI 13 widget features

On December 1st, 2022, HUAWEI released some new EMUI 13 widget features in order to increase efficiency in using HUAWEI phones. With EMUI 13, they strive to ensure that you’ll be able to quickly access information via widgets. Whether it is about ‘Weather’ or your schedule by swiping up the app icon.

While updating software they have certain criteria in the mind for widgets like Screen locks, Weather, Notepads, Clock, etc. according to your personal needs. You can add, move or remove home screen widgets as we tested all the operations on the new HUAWEI Mate 50 Pro and I must say it’s incredibly fun and simple to use.

At the bottom of the screen ‘Service Widgets’, a section will appear where you can review and edit each widget and layout. While after pinching two fingers on the home screen to access the Home screen editor.

EMUI 13 Widget Features

Considering an example, if you want to add the ‘Weather’ widget onto your home screen, you need to tap it and drag it to an empty area on the home screen. You can also touch and drag it to another screen page. They have also evolved some best of the fact for the current screen, a more direct way to swipe up an app icon to expand a service widget and tap to add the service widget.

In addition, you can fit multiple widgets on a single screen by arranging the specific widget back-to-back to save space and simplify your phone’s desktop. Just scrolling through them you can reach the widget you’re searching for. It’s such an easy way to accomplish an anticipated task.


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