Europe Top 5 Phone Vendors Q1 2021: Huawei’s growth rate dropped by 81%, but market share still ranks among the top five

In 2021, not only the Chinese mobile phone market has undergone tremendous changes, but the European mobile phone market is also got shrunk. According to Canalys statistics, Xiaomi’s market share in the first quarter in Europe has reached 23%, surpassing Apple to become second place, and the distance from the first Samsung is not particularly large.

As per the report statistics, Huawei has fallen sharply, the growth rate has dropped by 81%, but Huawei’s market share in Europe can still rank among the top five, second only to OPPO. Originally, Huawei ranked second in the European market and was taken up by Xiaomi, while domestic manufacturers such as oppo did not have much market share.

Europe: Top 5 Smartphone Vendors In Q1 2020 List

  1. Samsung – 35% Unit Share (Annual Growth +21%)
  2. Xiaomi – 23% Unit Share (Annual Growth +85%)
  3. Apple – 19% Unit Share (Annual Growth +22%)
  4. Oppo – 4% Unit Share (Annual Growth +153%)
  5. Huawei – 3% Unit Share (Annual Growth -81%)

Europe Top 5 Vendor Q1 2021 List Europe Top 5 Vendor Q1 2021

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