First Huawei Kunpeng Industrial College established

Huawei officially established the first Kunpeng Industrial College in China, together created by the Central Plains Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center and Pingdingshan Colleges unveiled on February 19. It is held online via the Huawei Cloud WeLink platform.

The first batch of more than 100 Pingdingshan College students watched the live broadcast of “Cloud Platform Construction and Management” lectured by senior Kunpeng experts.

Kunpeng Industrial College Courses:

  • Online teaching material management
  • Online lesson preparation
  • Online classroom
  • Online assignment
  • Online learning
  • Online experiment,and
  • Online training.

The first course has a total of 108 hours, involving more than 100 real-life scenarios in eight major industries, including government, finance, and education. It will help students fully understand the computing, storage, network, database, container, management, security, and migration involved in Kunpeng cloud services.

At the same time, it will provide a talent pool, independent innovation products and solutions for the long-term evolution of the Kunpeng computing industry.

Kunpeng Industrial College

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