How to fix Common Errors in Huawei Health App

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix Fix Common Errors in Huawei Health App. Huawei Health App is an integrated Huawei wearable product application to monitor your health and your physical activity, Provide users with a complete, consistent, convenient experience.

Huawei Health App Pairing Errors:

– HUAWEI Health App will search for devices – Select your HUAWEI Wearable model
– Simply touch “Pair” in the app and allow the Pairing request in your Smartwatch if you are pairing the device for the first time.

– If your Smartwatch was already Paired before, On the Smartwatch go to Settings > System and select “Reset”
– Once the reset is done, touch “Pair”

– During Pairing, If you haven’t allowed your devices’ request – “Pairing” will be “Failed”

– Simply touch “Pair” and allow the request in Smartwatch, that’s it – “Pairing” will be successfully done.

– Disconnect your HUAWEI Smartwatch or Smart band and Close the HUAWEI Health App including in the background.
– Restart both of your devices i.e Smartphone and HUAWEI Wearable devices
– Turn “ON” Bluetooth and Try pairing it again!

Huawei Health App Sync Errors:

What can I do when the data sync between my HUAWEI Wearable and the HUAWEI Health app fails?

– Check whether any updates available for HUAWEI Health App and for your HUAWEI Wearable | If yes – Update and try it again!
– Check whether your watch displays a sleep time and make sure that your watch is connected to your phone when you sync your watch to sleep
– Manually Sync it through HUAWEI Health App.

*** Sleep data does not sync to the Huawei Health app before 6:00 a.m. ***

HUAWEI Mobile Services Keeps Stopping:

– Download or Update HUAWEI Mobile Service to the latest version | Probably v4.0.0.340 or later | The latest version as of till date is v4.0.1.301

For other Smartphones:
– Enable auto-launch for HUAWEI Mobile Services, HUAWEI Wear and HUAWEI Health App in the settings of Phone Management App.
– Add HUAWEI Mobile Services, HUAWEI Wear and HUAWEI Health App to the protected list i.e remove them from Power saving mode.
– Allow HUAWEI Wear and HUAWEI Health App to run in the background.

Watch Faces | Loading Errors:

How to fix – Server error, please contact HUAWEI’s customer service?

– Once you connected your HUAWEI Wearable to HUAWEI Health App, please wait for the Watch Faces to load
– Just close your HUAWEI Health App and Try again! The issue will be fixed automatically.

Huawei Health App Firmware Update Failed or Network error:

– Update to the latest version of HUAWEI Health APP | Probably v10.0.3.507 or later | The latest version as of till date is v10.0.3.511.


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