Guo Ping: Huawei invests more than 10 percent of its revenue into Research and Development every year

The Peter Drucker Global Forum was held in Vienna, Austria via online. Huawei’s rotating chairman Guo Ping delivered a keynote speech entitled “Continuously Building Organizational Competitiveness Through Digital Transformation”.

Guo Ping said: “Although many companies have made it clear that they want to digitize, their goals are not so clear. For most companies, digitization has just begun. Now the first thing to consider is: how to Enhance organizational capabilities through digital transformation to achieve the company’s strategic goals?”

In addition, Guo Ping also interacted with the host on issues related to digital transformation and transformation. When talking about “how to create a culture of innovation,” Guo Ping said that the perfect digital process allows most employees to have rules to follow at work, but not all activities are strictly restricted. Huawei is also deliberately creating a new culture, first of all: tolerance of failure.

As per the data, Huawei invests more than 10% of its revenue into research and development each year, and 30% of the funds are used for research and innovation. “Our research department specializes in basic research in 2012 (laboratory). The company encourages them to adopt a multi-path, multi-echelon approach to trial and error. For example, 5G.

Guo Ping said, secondly, Huawei has introduced high-end talents extensively. “We recruit the best talents to join our research institutes all over the world, and even set up research institutes for specialized scientists in places he likes.

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