HarmonyOS 3 eye catching improvements

Huawei recently launched its third version of the operating system HarmonyOS 3.0. They already revealed this with the debut of Huawei MatePad Pro 11 and it looks like this version will catch up international market soon. HarmonyOS 3.0 brings new features like the look, enhanced widgets, and multitasking too.

The Universal Card widget format, they are easily adaptable with several shapes, sizes, and styles. Through this, they easily make a group and automatically adjust its size to fit. When they are more in number you can make a stack of them by putting them on top of each other and easy to flip them.

HarmonyOS 3.0 has a feature that you and your friend together can listen to songs along with each other.

Features of HarmonyOS 3.0

Checking which apps have accessed your location:

  • It will show you a graph so you can decide to remove permissions manually, but the system can do it automatically too. It will also keep an eye out for malicious behavior from apps, suspicious network activity, and other threats.

Creating a super device is as simple as drag and drop:

  • HarmonyOS 3.0 expands on the core idea of the system – creating “super devices”, which are the combination of two or more smart devices working in unison.
  • The UI is pretty simple, you get a view of connected devices as bubbles, and you just drag one bubble over to another to join them into a super device.

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Easy Screen Casting:

  • In this, you can cast your phone’s video on a large screen as Huawei MateBook by just dragging the monitor icon to the laptop icon and you instantly get wireless screen sharing active.

A HarmonyOS phone can connect to a tablet, giving it access to 4G, calls, and messages:

  • Through a super device we don’t need to share a Wi-Fi network if your Huawei phone is next to your Huawei laptop, they sense each other, and you can see phone data on your laptop screen.

Listen to your through a pair of a connected smart speaker or using TWS buds:

  • You can connect two speakers like Huawei Sound X by dragging and dropping with a large screen like a TV.

HarmonyOS Connect allows third-party companies to make devices too:

  • In you can Connect your Huawei watch to the Treadmill to track your exercise and listen to music while doing exercise but you need to connect your headset to the super device first.

HarmonyOS now has an alternative to Android Auto:

  • This HarmonyOS allows you to access your smartphone’s app to the car dashboard just like android auto.

This is about the new version of HarmonyOS and its features. Read about eligible HarmonyOS devices here.

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