How to fix missing media issues on WhatsApp for Android

Recently, wabetainfo shared an announcement about a critical bug in WhatsApp for Android: some people lost their images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, and stickers after updating to the recent updates:

  • If the user tries to open a media, WhatsApp says it’s not available, but the user can still view it from the phone gallery.
  • If you don’t see your media on WhatsApp, you can follow this guide to get them back:

Now, wabetainfo has shared a solution of missing media on WhatsApp to bring it back just follow these steps:

  • Kill WhatsApp.
  • Open the file manager and go to this path: /user/WhatsApp/media.
  • Move the content of the media folder from the previous path to the new path: /user/Android/Media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media. Be sure to move the content of the folder, you don’t have to move and override the folder.


Note that this process might take a while, so you can consider to follow this guide overnight if you’ve a large chat history. When it’s done, you can open WhatsApp and you should see your media again.
If you aren’t experiencing this issue, be sure to back up your chat history, so your media are safe. This process might be automatic in a future update, but you can do it now if you don’t want to wait.


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