Huawei: 3 years of 5G equals 5 years of 4G

In China, 5G was released three years ago. At the MWC 2023, Peng Song, President of Huawei ICT Strategy and Marketing, stated that the current three-year development achievements of 5G are equal to the five-year development of 4G, and the first wave of operators has achieved commercial success.

A global user penetration rate of 5G in three years is the same as a 4G development rate in five years, and operators whose 5G penetration rate exceeds 20% of the first wave of users have generally seen a significant increase in revenue for their mobile businesses.

The company also said that it is possible to provide guaranteed downlink speed for VIP users and experience guarantee for uplink services. At present, Chinese operators have begun to explore this new monetization model.

Huawei 5G


Looking forward to the future, he said that it is possible to continue to realize value from multiple dimensions of ToC/ToH/ToB to make 5G business more successful.

According to the latest statistics of GSMA & GSA in December 2022, 240+ 5G networks have been commercially used worldwide, and 1700+ 5G terminals have been released; as of the end of last year, 5G users have exceeded 1 billion; the world’s top 20 top Carrier ARPU increased by 10%, compared to a global baseline of 1%.

Source: Weibo

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