Huawei: 5.5G will bring tenfold improvement in network capabilities

According to the information, at the IOTE·2021 Shenzhen International High-precision Positioning Technology and Application Innovation Summit Forum, Huawei’s wireless network product line 5.5G field general manager Gao Quanzhong said that at present, global 5GtoB industry exploration has been very effective.

As per the offiical statement, 5G has entered more than 20 industries, with more than 10,000 application cases. It is the first to enter the stage of large-scale replication in the application scenarios of manufacturing, mining, steel, and ports.

Gao Quanzhong pointed out that cellular mobile communication technology evolves one generation per decade, and each evolution is accompanied by a leap-forward increase in spectrum bandwidth. Each generation of technological advancement has not only increased the network speed by ten times, but also increased the positioning accuracy by ten times.

According to reports, 5.5G will bring a ten-fold increase in network capacity, which also includes the ability to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy and the terminal standby time of more than 2 years.



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