Huawei: 5G is expected to reach 500 million users in just three years

On the Huawei 5G online conference, which was titled ‘5G Helping Chinese Industry Smart Manufacturing’. Yang Tao, President of the Marketing Department of Huawei China, told the information about the latest progress of the 5G industry.

5G has the characteristics of high speed, low latency, and large connections. Yang Tao said that lower speeds convey information and higher bandwidths convey emotions. But five-G may bring us greater changes in emotions, communication, and production work. Low latency can play a great role in the remote control. The value of big connections lies in the interconnection of all things and the intelligent connection of all things.

Yang Tao pointed out that in the era of 4G, China was basically at the same stage as other players. In the era of 5G, China should be in a leading position.

There are 60 to 70 5G commercial networks in the world. There should be 170 networks by 2020. 5G commercial flywheels are moving quickly. It is expected that 5G will reach 500 million users in just three years.


About the 5G chips, He says many companies, such as Huawei, Qualcomm, Samsung, MediaTek, and Ziguang, have begun to provide 5G mobile chips on a large scale. In the smartphone segment, there are about 40 5G phones in the world. So far, nearly 30 models are available in the Chinese market.

What role will 5G play in Industry 4.0 in the future? Yang Tao said: ‘From the three stages of information, digitization to intelligence, each stage has its own key application scenarios.’ He pointed out that 5G and the cloud are fully combined. So full connectivity and intelligence can become wireless connected smart factories.



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