Huawei 9 decisions to support all partners

Huawei China posted a letter to its partners on Weibo. In the letter, Huawei stated that it will provide special support to all partners. Huawei 9 decisions.

In the letter, Huawei promised: ” Huawei must be your most reliable company. We have the ability and confidence to provide you with the most powerful protection and work with you to overcome difficulties .”

Huawei stated that it will provide partners with 9 support/decision:

  1.  Helping partners resume work.
  2.  Relieving partners’ operating pressure.
  3.  Extending maintenance and exception services.
  4.  Giving medical collaboration systems.
  5.  Incentive medical solutions.
  6.  Deferred partner capacity review.
  7.  Ensuring the real-time distribution of incentives.
  8. Carrying out various forms of online empowerment.
  9. Rewarding partners with outstanding contributions.
Huawei open letter for partners
Huawei open letter for partners

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