Huawei AGS-X11 smart door lock Plus is on sale

Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus has ended pre-sale on and the sale will kick-off starting May 10. This door lock has built-in AI 3D face recognition 2.0 and HarmonyOS 4 system. It is currently priced at 2899 yuan.

this door lock is equipped with a C-level lock cylinder and is equipped with HarmonyOS financial-level security capabilities. It will automatically disable the face function for 10 seconds after closing the door and locking it. During this period, even if you turn back, it will not trigger the accidental unlocking.

In addition, this door lock adopts a 3D depth-sensing camera with a wide-angle arrangement, an upward tilt angle of 16°, and a coverage angle of 78°. It is suitable for people with a height of 1.2m-2.0m, and supports 0-45° side faces for effective unlocking.

Huawei AGS-X11 smart door lock Plus

In terms of battery life, Huawei Smart Door Lock Plus has a built-in dual-cell 8800 mAh lithium battery, which ensures full functionality for 4-6 months of normal operation, and can be used for 8-10 months in ultra-long battery life mode.

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