Huawei: AI explosion bring new revenue to operators

Reportedly, Huawei released the “Green 27-2023-1” solution at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. Peng Song, the President of Huawei’s ICT Strategy and Marketing, while speaking on a new round of AI explosion that has been taking place. As the applications and development of AI have greatly increased and benefit operators. And bring new requirements for ICT infra. Simultaneously, larger bandwidth and stronger computing power will inescapably bring new growth in network energy.

“At present, we can gradually achieve the balance between green ICT and development by balancing the three dimensions of energy efficiency, renewable energy utilization, and user experience.”

During Green ICT Development Summit, Li Peng, President of Huawei Carrier BG, stated that it is essential to enhance and improve the energy efficiency of ICT networks to promote the green development of the industry. Parallelly, there’s also a need to ensure that energy consumption should be minimized. While addressing the whole industry, in order to practice low-carbon and along with sustainable development, which helps in achieving green development goals.

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More Bits, Less Watts

Additionally, in order to promote green development while working with customers. Huawei has also enhanced green solutions. Moving ahead, Huawei proposed the value proposition of “More Bits, Less Watts” and the “1+3” solution last year, and evolved “1+3” to “1+2+3” at this year’s conference. It means one indicator system, two energy-saving scenarios, and a three-layer architecture. Li Peng also added that Huawei has played a vital role in building a greener ICT industry. Especially in the segment of helping global operators in order to deploy green solutions in more than 100 countries.

As per reports, Huawei has been working with customers in France. This is intended to create innovative energy efficiency indicators and an indicator-driven green network. While in Spain, it enables operators to deploy all-optical backbone networks. The same improves energy efficiency by 91% and reduces costs by 29%.

Notably, Huawei earlier revealed that it will release the newest converged IP bearer network products and solutions during MWC 2023. It comprises the “NetEngine 8000 series routers with the most converged capabilities.”

At the “2023 Green All-Optical Network Forum”, the immediately prior Green Intent-Driven All-Optical Network products and Solutions will be released. Simultaneously, it brought six major upgrades to all optical homes. The same includes supporting 6Mbps networks, next-generation PON technology, and all-optical metro areas, sharing successful all-optical network business practices, and awarding operators’ excellent practices.

Lastly, Huawei will release the 1+× innovative solution. The same is for private lines, sharing successful business practices of convergence bearing, and more.

Huawei MWC 2023

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