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Huawei AI Life App latest version brings EMUI 11.0 design for a smoother experience

Huawei AI Life App

Huawei AI Life is a unified platform for managing IoT devices. Easily control your Wi-Fi/mobile Wi-Fi, 5G and 4G routers, earphones, speakers, smart glasses, and more. The AI Life App is now updated to the latest version and it brings a brand new EMUI 11 design.

Key features
Quickly add and update smart devices with just one touch. Convenient and customizable, it gives a full all-scenario experience.

Huawei AI Life App Version Changelog:

1. Introduces the brand new EMUI 11.0 design for a smoother experience.
2. Enlarges the cards on the main screen to display more information.
3. Adds support for auto-syncing wireless earphones, for uninterrupted listening.
4. Adds support for the HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro*.
*HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro release date varies by region.

Download the latest Huawei AI Life App from AppGallery.


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