Huawei and AITO cars now using a new slogan – Huawei Wenjie

AITO Automobile and Huawei officially shared a new post related to a new slogan. The companies are now using “HUAWEI Wenjie”, which was not available before.

AITO officially noted “Every place you want to go is a destination. where to go You decide! HUAWEI asks the world, go where you want to go.” The company has replaced AITO Wenjie with Huawei Wenjie”. At the end of February this year, AITO and Huawei signed a joint business agreement in Shenzhen.

As per the record, in less than a year, AITO Wenjie M5, M7 and M5 pure electric versions have been launched one after another, covering two technical routes of extended range and pure electric. AITO Wenjie’s cumulative sales in 2022 will exceed 75,000 vehicles, making it the fastest-growing new energy vehicle brand.

Huawei Wenjie Huawei Wenjie slogan

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