Huawei and Avita Technology signed a contract to build high-end cars

According to the latest information, Avita Technology and Huawei issued a statement saying that the two parties signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to build high-end smart cars together. The statement stated that the two parties will jointly build a series of high-end smart electric vehicle products based on the new generation of smart electric vehicle technology platform CHN and continue to iterate and launch 4 new models by 2025.

In this concern, Tan Benhong, Chairman and CEO of Avita Technology, said: The signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei not only confirms Huawei’s recognition of Avita Technology’s growth rate, but confidence in CHN’s cooperation model and technology platform but also demonstrates both parties. The determination to join hands and use oriental wisdom to hold the most core technology in the hands of the Chinese.

Chi Linchun, President of Huawei’s Smart Car Solutions BU Marketing and Sales Service Department, said that the Avita 11 is fully equipped with Huawei’s smart driving, smart cockpit, smart connected, smart electric, and smart car cloud services.

These two companies will improve electric vehicle technology and jointly build a global high-end car brand.

Huawei and Avita Technology

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