Huawei and SolarEdge reach global patent licensing deal

According to the information, Huawei announced that it has reached a global patent license agreement with SolarEdge Technologies Inc.

The agreement is based on the two companies’ recognition of each other’s innovation capabilities, allowing them to use their own patented technologies during the term of the agreement. The agreement includes mutually granting each other’s patent cross-licensing and other rights arrangements and facilitates the settlement of patent litigation between the parties.

The specific terms of the patent license agreement are confidential information for both parties. The parties will end their lawsuits in Germany and China.

It is reported that in the field of smart photovoltaics, Huawei provides full-scenario solutions ranging from household, industrial and commercial, large-scale ground power stations to battery energy storage systems and microgrids.

The products include smart string inverters, smart string energy storage, smart photovoltaics Component controller, intelligent photovoltaic management system, etc.

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