Huawei announces screen enhanced Interaction patent

Huawei has officially published a patent for ” An Enhanced Screen Sharing Method and System, Electronic Equipment “, publication number CN114647390A.

The patent abstract shows that an embodiment of the present application discloses an enhanced screen sharing method, including: The first electronic device displays the first sharing interface, and sends interface data of the first sharing interface to the second electronic device;

The second electronic device receives the interface data and displays a second sharing interface corresponding to the first sharing interface;

It enables the linkage mode to the first electronic device, and if a triggering operation by the user on the second sharing interface is detected, the event information corresponding to the triggering operation is determined.

The second electronic device sends the event information to the first electronic device. The first electronic device receives the event information and performs corresponding operations according to the event information.

The second electronic device and the first electronic device can better interact, improve the usability and user-friendliness of the shared interface, and improve the user experience.

Huawei’s devices have previously supported multi-screen collaboration, and HarmonyOS 2 can share the screens of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices, and can also operate with each other.

Huawei announces screen enhanced Interaction patent Huawei announces screen enhanced Interaction patent-1

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