Huawei AOS and VOS passes the test of ICV vehicle control operating system

At the 2022 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference, Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU was presented, and the China Software Evaluation Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Intelligent Connected Vehicle Software Testing Center Officially released the “Automotive Control Operating System Test Indicator System 1.0”.

As per the report, the Chinese tech firm, Huawei said that in the first third-party test of the vehicle control operating system, Huawei’s intelligent driving operating system AOS (referred to as “Huawei AOS”) and Huawei’s intelligent vehicle control operating system VOS (referred to as “Huawei VOS”) became the first domestically to pass the test. intelligent connected car operating system .

“Automotive Control Operating System Test Indicator System 1.0” determines test indicators from six aspects, including protocol compliance testing, functional testing, performance testing, reliability testing, information security testing, and functional safety testing. On this basis, the China Software Evaluation Center researched and formed the “Automotive Control Operating System Test Specification 1.0”.

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