Huawei applies for a new patent related to autonomous driving

Huawei has officially published a patent for “testing methods, devices, and systems for autonomous vehicles”. The patent details show that the present application discloses a testing method, device, and system for an autonomous driving vehicle.

The system provided by the embodiments of the present application includes a software control module, a motion control module, and multiple motion platforms.

The motion control module receives the information of the first test scene, can determine the test motion platform and the target motion platform among the plurality of motion platforms according to the information of the first test scene, and sends the parameter information of the motion platform to each determined motion platform.

So that the motion platform performs corresponding operations according to the parameter information of the motion platform. In this way, self-driving vehicles can be tested without the participation of testers, which can improve test efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Previously, a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office showed that Huawei published an autonomous driving-related patent on April 5, which integrated two sensors, a camera device and a radar, and fused the obstacle distribution information obtained based on the two sensors.

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