Huawei applies for the DRIVEMINI trademark again

According to the information, Huawei has applied for the “HUAWEI DRIVEMINI” trademark, which is internationally classified as a scientific instrument, and the current trademark status is pending.

It is worth mentioning that in March and June 2021, Huawei applied for the registration of the “DRIVEMINI” and “HUAWEI DRIVEMINI” trademarks for three categories of scientific instruments, transportation tools, and mechanical equipment, of which the “DRIVEMINI” trademark for scientific instruments was rejected.

In November 2020, Huawei released DriveONE, the industry’s first hyper-converged power domain solution all-in-one electric drive system. Huawei’s all-in-one electric drive system integrates seven major components: MCU, motor, reducer, DCDC, OBC, PDU, and BCU, and brings intelligence to the electric drive system.

Wang Chao, president of Huawei’s smart electric field, proposed a three-layer platform architecture of DriveONE: electric digital development platform + hardware platform + software platform.

According to reports, DriveONE can help the power field of the vehicle to be minimally arranged, saving 220mm in the Z direction, reducing 2 mounting brackets, shortening the wiring harness by 5m, reducing the number of connectors, and reducing the number of water pipe openings and water pipes by 2.



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