Huawei brings the F5.5G-Oriented All-Optical Target Network Architecture

At the UBBF 2023, Richard Jin, President of Huawei Optical Business Product Line, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Bring F5.5G to Reality: Milestones on Our Way to Intelligent World”.

He showcased the concept of three-phase network construction for the first time. Specifically, there are three driving forces for network development, that is, video (100Mbps network), experience (1Gbps network), and intelligence (10Gbps network). Against this backdrop, Huawei launched the F5.5G-oriented three-phase all-optical target network architecture — all-optical coverage for 100Mbps home broadband, all-optical connections extending 1Gbps to each room, and all-optical computing for 10Gbps Everywhere.

Phase 1: Video-Driven, All-Optical Coverage for 100Mbps Home Broadband.
Phase 2: Experience-Driven, All-Optical Connections Extending 1Gbps to Rooms.
Phase 3: Intelligence-Driven, All-Optical Computing for 10Gbps Everywhere.

F5.5G-Oriented All-Optical Target Network Architecture

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