Huawei card universal charger launched: 66W fast charging

At the Huawei Pocket S launch, the Chinese tech giant also launched a card all-around charger that supports up to SuperCharge 66W fast charge, priced at 299 yuan.

According to the official introduction, this charger is available in white, silver and purple, with a thickness of 10.5mm and a weight of 62g .

This charger weighs about 52 grams, has an innovative precision stacking structure, and has a power density of up to 1.19 W / cm 3. The use of advanced GaN co-packaged chips and mini planar transformers reduces the product volume by nearly 48%. Officials say this is the first model certified by the China Fusion Fast Charge UFCS protocol, and is compatible with multi-brand fast charge devices.

Huawei card universal charger launched 1 Huawei card universal charger launched Huawei card universal charger


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