Huawei Celia Keyboard starts public testing in China

Huawei’s Celia Keyboard was launched on the global Huawei application market as early as June, but its functions were relatively rudimentary at the time.

According to some Huawei devices users, Celia Keyboard (Xiaoyi Input Method) has opened the domestic public test experience registration, and the last date will be October 7. It seems that this Keyboard will be launched in China soon.

The early version of Celia Keyboard is relatively simple and has four theme colors. However, in the actual test, the Keyboard has relatively simple functions, and there are many problems with Chinese input, such as the 9 keys cannot be used to type phrases.

It is expected that this public test will carry out a domestic localization transformation of the Keyboard, which can improve the Chinese input experience.

Huawei Celia Keyboard


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