Huawei Cloud GaussDB database basic version released

Huawei Cloud announced that the basic version of its relational cloud database product GaussDB was released. This version inherits the core technology and advantageous features of the flagship product, while also optimizing cost control.

This product is mainly targeted at small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, Internet companies, individual users and other customers who have ecological needs for compatibility with traditional databases.

High cost performance

Compared with the Enterprise Edition, the price of Huawei Cloud GaussDB Basic Edition is 60%-70% lower . It also supports full-scenario data compression, has an “ultra-high compression ratio”, has a performance impact of no more than 5%-10%, and reduces storage costs by 50%.

High performance

Out-of-the-box performance upgrade and optimization, under TPCC default export parameters, the performance of Huawei Cloud GaussDB Basic Edition is improved by 50% ; officials said that compared with similar products, the performance is improved by more than 1.2 times.

‎High elasticity

The basic version of GaussDB has the capability of 1000+ ultra-large distributed clusters and supports coping with high concurrent traffic peaks.

‎High intelligence

Huawei Cloud GaussDB Basic Edition has the world’s first AI-Native database , enabling a full-process intelligent experience from application development to management and operation.

‎Easy to migrate

The basic version of GaussDB is highly compatible with the common syntax of mainstream commercial databases and builds a one-stop migration solution, reducing the overall migration cost by 90%.

It should be noted that this product is priced according to storage space and purchase period:

  • 4 vCPUs 16GB priced from 12,480 yuan (40GB storage space, 1 year)
  • 8 vCPUs 32GB priced from 24,480 yuan (40GB storage space, 1 year)
  • 16vCPUs 64GB priced from 48,480 yuan (40GB storage space, 1 year)
Huawei Cloud
Huawei Cloud

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