Huawei Cloud opens service in Egypt and launches Pangu Arabic model 2.0

The 2024 Egypt Huawei Cloud Summit will be held in Cairo on May 21. At the meeting, Huawei Cloud Egypt node, the first public cloud in North Africa, was officially released.

Huawei Cloud Egypt node has a low latency of 26ms, more than 240 cloud services, and a research and development investment of US$300 million in the next five years. Huawei Cloud Pangu Arabic Model 2.0 and Huawei National Cloud 2.0 were also officially released at the meeting:

Huawei Cloud Pan Ancient Arabic Large Model 2.0

It is reported that Pangu Arabic Big Model 2.0 has the largest Arabic corpus, is trained in native Arabic, and is dedicated to industry services.

Huawei National Cloud 2.0

National Cloud 2.0 is developed on the basis of digital infrastructure and Huawei Cloud Stack, and supports government affairs offices, people-benefiting work, and basic industry services.

Egypt Innovation Association was officially established at the event. It will deepen the development of the industry and provide government scenario solutions, operator digital transformation, financial scenario solutions, e-commerce scenario solutions, and media entertainment solutions. Details are as follows:

Government scenario solutions

  • Government management: e-government collaboration, e-government office applications, emergency management, etc.
  • Smart people’s livelihood: government hotline, electronic ID, education cloud, etc.
  • Digital economic services: electronic invoices, risk control management, smart taxation, etc.

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