Huawei Cloud releases CodeArts IDE for Python

Huawei Cloud officially announced the release of CodeArts IDE for Python, an extensible desktop development tool with built-in Huawei Python language service that provides intelligent programming and flexible debugging capabilities.

The CodeArts IDE for Python released by Huawei Cloud is a desktop IDE tool for cloud native development that provides an intelligent Python coding experience and supports massive plug-in extensions.

Code assistance features

Huawei Cloud CodeArts IDE for Python has built-in Huawei Python language service, supporting fast and accurate code completion, navigation and search functions .

Huawei has officially built in a large number of code snippets for developers, and code templates can be obtained through shortcut keys during the coding process. In addition, CodeArts IDE provides refactoring capabilities including inline code, introduction of variables, and variable renaming. Developers can improve code readability and maintainability without changing the observable behavior of the software.

Huawei Cloud provides plug-in ecosystem

Huawei Cloud CodeArts IDE for Python has built-in Huawei Cloud CodeArts plug-in market . Developers can deliver plug-ins that adapt to more R&D scenarios and business capabilities based on open plug-in standards and open source plug-in frameworks, and can be put on the plug-in market; developers can also install their own Your favorite plug-in turns CodeArts IDE for Python into a “customized desktop” for personal development.

Huawei Python
Huawei Python

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