Huawei: Cumulative R&D investment in car BU exceeds 30 billion yuan

Huawei recently released 2023 annual report and as per the report, since the establishment of Huawei Smart Car Solution BU, the cumulative R&D investment has exceeded 30 billion yuan, and the R&D team has reached 7,000 people.

Huawei said that its smart car solution business has entered a period of rapid growth, with component shipments exceeding 3 million units , including smart cockpits, smart driving, smart car control, smart car cloud, lidar, millimeter wave radar, cameras, gateways, smart Headlights and other products and solutions.

Judging from the annual report, Huawei ‘s smart car solution business achieved sales revenue of 4.737 billion yuan in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 128.1%.

Huawei Smart Car

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