Huawei detailed Qiankun specifications

At the 2024 Huawei Smart Car Solution Conference, Huawei has introduced the new brand Huawei Qiankun. The company has introduced the Huawei Qiankun smart car solution.

This solution covers chips, hardware, software, and cloud, and has released ten new products, including Qiankun Smart Driving, Qiankun Car Cloud, Qiankun Car Control, and HarmonyOS Cockpit. Huawei Qiankun audio belongs to the HarmonySpace series of products in the Hongmeng cockpit.

Huawei Smart Car Solutions detailed the specifications of the Qiankun Audio. 

Huawei Qiankun Audio has launched three series: Vitality, Excellence and Extraordinary.

The Vitality series has a 15-speaker 1000W amplifier that supports spatial audio and smart sound effects.

The Excellence series has a 23-speaker 2080W amplifier, supports AI spatial sound and smart sound field , and is the first car audio to receive an S-class rating.

The Extraordinary series has a 33-speaker 3000W power amplifier, supports independent sound zones and smart sound fields , and is officially said to be “smarter than top speakers.”

Huawei Qiankun Audio supports three major features

Smart sound quality

It supports sound-following animation and AI spatial sound; it supports super bass and has the characteristics of small size and low dive .

Smart sound field

Supports all-round active noise reduction, with independent sound zones for the front and rear rows.

Smart atmosphere

Supports AI sound and light synchronization , ambient light field.

Technical analysis sound-following animation technology

AI audio and video analysis function supports adaptive recognition of dynamic objects . Officially stated that “object recognition is accurate and dynamic tracking is calculated quickly”;

AI spatial sound reshaping supports remixing in the 3D sound cabin, “sound effects rendering has a trajectory, and the sound field reshapes the sense of space.”

Turbo Bass Technology

Huawei Qiankun Audio’s original turbine subwoofer supports 20Hz low-frequency dive and is only 5L in size , allowing users to arrange it flexibly.

Full-dimensional active noise reduction technology

Huawei Qiankun Audio launches its first full-dimensional active noise reduction technology , supporting full-cabin isolation of road noise and power noise . Has the following features and technologies:

“Accurate identification”

Full-dimensional active noise reduction technology, with millions of sensing parameters and data mapping models, supports accurate identification of noise paths.

“Eliminate the strong”

Multi-channel high computing power elimination technology, with highly sensitive and low-latency processing power, supports real-time noise elimination, up to 9dBA.

Huawei’s Qiankun Audio is the first independent sound zone technology, equipped with self-developed directional acoustic headrest and spatial sound field cancellation technology. Officially stated that the “sound energy isolation rate is 99.8%”, which can achieve “front-row entertainment and back-row movie viewing without disturbing each other.” ”

Sound and light atmosphere system

AI super precise equivalent rhythm

It supports adaptive decomposition of “melody”, “vocal” and “lyrics”, supports a variety of lighting effect modes, and can achieve “millisecond-level” stuck effects.

Smart fragrance scene
It has a variety of fragrances such as “fresh”, “floral”, “woody” and “marine”, and supports the function of moving with the sound.

Aesthetic color matching
It has a “256 color palette” color scheme and supports “three-dimensional three-layer” rendering atmosphere.

Multi-sensory experience
The seats, air conditioners, steering wheels, etc. can all be used to feel the scheduling atmosphere.

Huawei detailed Qiankun features Huawei detailed Qiankun specifications image Huawei detailed Qiankun specifications

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