Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1 released

According to the information, Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1 version was released. DevEco Device Tool is a one-stop integrated development environment for smart device developers.

It can support OpenHarmony and HarmonyOS Connect components to be customized on demand, and support functions such as code editing, compiling, burning and debugging, and performance monitoring.

The C/C++ language is deployed on Visual Studio Code (VSCode for short) as a plug-in, and can be supported by Windows10 64-bit or Ubuntu18.04 and above.

New features

Added automatic filling of productized configuration, and supports one-click configuration to pull the code in the code warehouse to the corresponding project directory.

Added automatic printing of compilation logs and custom log configuration.

Newly added burner customization, supports free switching between default burner and user-defined burner.

Enhanced Features

Provide the readme file upload path to describe the usage instructions of the HarmonyOS Connect solution, add a limit of no more than 300M to the readme file, automatically parse the dependent tools in the profile file and modify the UI rendering effect.

When the process of pulling the source code is interrupted, it supports resuming the upload from a breakpoint and continuing the download.

Fixed issues

In the project configuration page, click the file path selection button to add a button to display “relative/absolute path”, which is convenient for users to use.

Open the IDE and click Create Project. When the project path does not exist, the project creation fails, and there is no relevant prompt. Now it has been optimized, and a prompt that the path does not exist is given.

Fixed an issue where spaces in the path are not supported when opening the Device Tool in Windows and selecting a file path.

Huawei DevEco Device Tool 3.1 Beta 1 released

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