Huawei discloses a patent for assisted focusing of VR equipment

According to the latest information, Huawei published a patent for “A Method of Aided Focusing Applied to VR Equipment and VR Equipment” and as per the document info, the publication number is CN113568498A.

According to the patent summary, the present invention can first compensate the user’s eyesight before focusing , so that the user’s eyesight can be restored to a normal range , and the subsequent focusing effect can be improved.

This invention provides an assisted focusing method applied to a VR device and a VR device, and the method includes:

  • Real-time measurement of the wearing distance from the user’s eyebrow feature point to the lens structure in the VR device through a distance sensor, where the user’s horizontal line of sight is perpendicular to the lens structure, and the wearing distance is the user’s eyebrow feature The distance between the point and the projection point of the lens structure in the horizontal direction;
  • The wearing distance is compared with the preset lens-eye distance range of the VR device, so that the user adjusts the wearing distance according to the comparison result, so that the wearing distance is within the preset lens-eye distance range.

VR equipment Huawei Patent


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