Huawei discloses patent related to radio frequency chips

Huawei has officially disclosed a patent for “radio frequency chip, baseband chip and WLAN equipment” with the publication number CN114124113A. The patent involves the field of wireless technology. The patent abstract shows that the radio frequency chip includes:

At least two signal generation circuits, three radio frequency transceiver circuits and three intermediate frequency transceiver circuits.

Both the first signal generation circuit and the second signal generation circuit are used to generate a radio frequency local oscillator signal and provide the generated radio frequency local oscillator signal to the radio frequency transceiver circuit.

The radiofrequency local oscillator signals generated by the two belong to different frequency bands. Any RF transceiver circuit only receives the RF local oscillator signal from one signal generating circuit at the same time.

The radio frequency transceiver circuit is used to convert the received radio frequency signal into an intermediate frequency signal based on the received radio frequency local oscillator signal. Convert to RF signal and output the resulting RF signal.

Huawei discloses patents related to radio frequency chips


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