Huawei entered in the field of sodium-ion batteries

According to the latest information from the Chinese media, Beijing Zhongke Haina Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhongke Haina”) has undergone an industrial and commercial change, adding Shenzhen Hubble Technology, a subsidiary of Huawei.

Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (referred to as “Shenzhen Hubble”) and others are shareholders, and the registered capital has increased to approximately RMB 30.95 million. As per the data, Shenzhen Hubble subscribed for a capital contribution of 4.12666 million yuan, with a shareholding ratio of 13.3333%.

Huawei sodium-ion batteries

According to the official website of Zhongke Haina, Zhongke Haina is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, and production of a new generation of energy storage system-sodium-ion batteries.

The company has a number of core patents for sodium-ion batteries and is one of the few battery companies in the world that has core patents and technologies for sodium-ion batteries.

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