Huawei FreeGo portable bluetooth speaker launched

Huawei has officially launched the FreeGo portable Bluetooth speaker in China, it supports one-touch transmission, and the price is 899 yuan. Huawei FreeGo portable Bluetooth speakers is inspired by a phonograph, and it is available in black and silver colors.

The size is small and pocket-sized, the only 120mm*31mm, easy to store and carry. Whether it is used at home or on a business trip, or for multi-person meetings in the office, HUAWEI FreeGO portable Bluetooth speakers can bring you a better music experience and work anytime, anywhere help.

With unique frequency division design, both units are made of high-end permanent magnet neodymium iron boron rare earth materials, which can make extraordinary noises even in a small size.

Huawei FreeGo Bluetooth Speaker

Huawei FreeGo supports NFC touch to realize quick Bluetooth pairing, making the connection easy and convenient. Support one-touch sound transmission, whether it is making a call, listening to a song, or watching a movie, the sound can be released from the speaker when the phone touches the speaker.

Huawei FreeGo supports 360° omnidirectional sound pickup, with a 3-meter pickup range, covering 25 square meters of indoor space.

It can be connected to the computer via the supporting data cable by plug-and-play, without pairing, and can be charged. Support fast charging function, charging for 15 minutes, listening 2 hours, Convenient operation, no battery life intermittent.

Huawei FreeGo Speaker


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