Huawei gains Thailand Prime Minister Award for contribution to Talent Development

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Don Pramudwina has officially presented Huawei with the “Prime Minister’s Award for Best Contribution to Talent Development”. Mr. Li Xiongwei, General Manager of Huawei Thailand, accepted the medal at the award ceremony.

The main agenda of this award for its outstanding contribution to actively cultivating local digital talents and supporting the development of Thailand’s digital economy.

Mr. Xiongwei Li expressed his gratitude for receiving the award and shared Huawei’s vision, said, “This honor reflects our commitment to support Thailand’s digital transformation and long-term contribution to Thai society, in line with our mission of ‘In Thailand for Thailand’ In the same vein. Huawei’s goal is to build a thriving digital talent ecosystem in Thailand and cultivate competitive talents for the country’s 5G, cloud computing and green energy industries.”

A joint effort by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and Huawei resulted in the “White Paper on the Development of Digital Talents in Thailand.” The paper highlights the anticipated shortage of 500,000 digital talents in Thailand by 2030. In response to this pressing need, Huawei has launched several talent training programs in the country. These initiatives include the Seeds of the Future project, ICT competitions, the digital bus program, and the establishment of the ASEAN Academy (Thailand). Through training, certification, job fairs, and other forms of encouragement, Huawei aims to attract more young people to pursue careers in the technology industry, bridging the gap between talent supply and demand in the ICT sector.

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