Huawei HarmonyOS 4 2024 update info

Huawei has recently started recruitment of the HarmonyOS 4. Officials said that this version will bring “simpler and easier to use operations”.

HarmonyOS 4 Features

The new version will bring users a new experience in terms of interface, system security, and smoothness. The Art Protagonist theme brings the new function of changing the custom background. It added the function of recording clearer recordings via Bluetooth devices;

The overall performance of the system has been improved, making the operation smoother and smoother in various scenarios such as task switching, application startup, and task interruption.

In terms of system security, a device-cloud cooperation mechanism has been established to achieve more accurate and rapid control of malicious applications, and an anti-false alarm mechanism for viruses and risky applications has been added to make the HarmonyOS system purer and safer.

Huawei HarmonyOS 4 2024 update info

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